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Motopoint - K-TECH - rider stories

Motopoint - K-TECH - rider stories

What the riders say about K-TECH personal suspension setting done by Motopoint?


Vojtěch Brumla (HT Group Racing Team - Czech national MX championships), Kawasaki KX450F – K-TECH setting MX PRO - feelings:

„First of all, the motorcycle calm down after adjusting standard suspension to K-TECH personal setting. I am very satisfied how the suspension works over all kinds of bumps on the track, which were usually causing problems before, kicking me out and spending my physical forces. K-TECH suspension setting is helping me with riding through corners, motorcycle is very stable during braking and keeps the line well. Going through the corner is very easy, so I can concentrate to keep correct line.

With K-TECH setting I did not faced any critical situation on track which can not be handled yet. Previous standard suspension was annoying me with every bump on the track, while with K-TECH setting I can easily keep full gas and concentrate on my lap times. Engine torque is fully transferred to the ground, there is no useless driving skidding.

During fast riding really on the edge, the K-TECH setting is giving me more self-confidence and feeling of safety thanks to it."

Volta Brumla

Rider web: www.vojtechbrumla.com


Other "speech" of satisfied customers:

"Dude! What a difference!" - KX250F 2010 – clubman motocross setting

"It is a shame that it is dark already. With this suspension could be still riding…. " - RMZ450 2006 – rear shock revalved for motocross hobby

"I really did not expect that it can go through the corners so easily!" - CRF250 2010 – clubman motocross setting

„K-TECH suspension setting is totally great, handling bumps, saving my hands and I am much faster thanks to K-TECH setting.“ – hobby rider on KX450F 2009 – MX CLUBMAN setting

„Wow, the bike is much easier to ride!„ – hobby rider on CRF 250 2011 – MX CLUBMAN setting


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